They're Cute and Offer Unconditional Love

But these are not the only attributes of domestic pets. Research is revealing that companion animals offer big mind-body health benefits to those lucky enough to spend time in their company. 

Positive effect on your health

Experts aren't certain why pets have such positive effects on our health, but they've documented many benefits that offer clues.

Spending just five minutes with a therapy dog reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol for 20 health professional in one Virginia Commonwealth University study.

Caring for a pet can increase levels of the 'feel-good' hormones related to joy, nurturing and relaxation. This can certainly easy anxiety and may help give your mood a lift if you have depression.

As well as unconditional love, companion animals provide us with a routine, activity (someone's got to walk the dog) and social interaction - it's natural to chat with friends, neighbors and even strangers about a beloved pet.

In another study, dog owners were 54% more likely to get recommended amounts of physical activity (30 minutes most day of the week) simply because they walked their four-footed friends regularly.

It has been wonderful to see our customers remembering their beloved pets while purchasing their bone broth, ensuring that they get unconditional nutrient love via their bowl of pets bone broth.



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