Dehydrated Bone Broth Powder

Our freeze-dried concentrated bone broth gives a nutritional depth to the final product, that is absent in modern day stock purchases.

Whether you decide to add to your soups, stews or just drinking a cup of hot bone broth, you are increasing your nutritional spectrum, and investing in your health and well-being.

The dehydrated range has been specially designed to meet a market demand. The dehydrated range make it a suitable ready-to-go option, if you need to take your broth with you on travels, camping and hiking or just maybe you prefer using the dehydrated bone broth powder range at home.

Some of the range include a natural range that allows you to build your own flavors as you wish, just add a bit of ginger, turmeric and fresh herbs for a hot morning cuppa.

There is also a dehydrated concentrated range of beef bone broth that has been scientifically designed to meet specific needs, with increased collagen and probiotics to assist you on a daily basis.

Food Allergies an In-tolerances food ranges are growing by demand in recent
years, our Natural Beef Freeze-dried range is pure bone broth that will fill this demand.


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