Pet Collagen Powder 

It's in your pet's best interest to give them collagen supplements designed with their needs in mind.

Bone & Joint Health

One of the critical benefits of collagen is its ability to regenerate joint health by including collagen in a dog’s diet while young can help their joint health through to their later years.

Dogs with joint pain or arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis benefit from a quality collagen peptide product.

Skin Health & Healthy Coat.

You can help improve your pets’ coat and skin appearance by feeding them collagen. The dermis layer of your dog’s skin is mainly made of collagen, giving a solid foundation for healthy skin and hair growth.

Digestion Health

Collagen is rich in the amino acid glycine, which plays a crucial role in their digestive system health. The leaky gut syndrome can affect dogs by increasing the risk of other health problems, and collagen may help repair and restore the gut lining to improve leaky gut conditions.

Prevention and Recovery of joint injury

Some dog breeds are more prone to hip dysplasia or torn ligaments injuries. Collagen makes up about 70-90% of a dog’s ligaments, tendons and muscles and is vital in ensuring the connective tissues stay flexible. When they have depleted collagen levels, this can leave your pet prone to injury as they age.

Appetite & Palatable

Collagen can easily be included in any food dish, and being unflavoured, makes it highly palatable with all types of food and promotes a good appetite.

 Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, which holds you together whether you are human, canine or feline. Think of collagen as the glue holding the contents of the body together. About one-third of the protein in your pet’s body is collagen.

As your pet ages, collagen production slows down, also when most arthritic issues start to surface, and skin and coat quality may decline. Collagen for pets supplementation daily can help them combat and delay many signs of ageing.

The three most desirable benefits are mobility, skin and coat, and digestion. Collagen may improve mobility in dogs afflicted with arthritis, and it’s a natural supplement that helps lubricate and protect connective tissue supporting the hips and joints.

Daily you can help replenish your dog’s natural collagen levels by including a dose in their drinking water.

Dogs suffering from gastrointestinal issues may benefit from collagen too. Collagen helps soothe and repair tissues in your pet’s digestive tract, contributing to poor digestion and nutrient absorption.

Our Pet’s Collagen Peptide powder is delicious, even for the picky eaters. The collagen powder can be added as a meal topper or in their tasty bone broth to boost the nutritional value