From the Farm to you! Nourisharvest

At Nourisharvest, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality organic vegetable plant powders that are a pure concentrate of Australian organic vegetables. You might ask, how do we achieve this? Well, as you should expect, it all starts with the ingredients themselves. 

We have partnered with an organic Australian farming family business to bring our vegetable plant powder dream, Nourisharvest, to you. No vegetable powder products can be outstanding without using the best available Australian vegetables. 

Our organic vegetables are grown in mineral-rich, red volcanic basalt soil to ensure that they capture the best nutrients from the ground. We water them exclusively with natural spring water to eliminate any potential contamination that might exist in tap water. While our vegetables are growing, we avoid using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides so our farming technique complies with the guidelines of organic farming. 

We all know that fresh is the best, but it cannot be available at all times. For this reason, we came up with a solution that dehydrates organic vegetables into a nutrition-dense vegetable powder. After the harvest, we slow dry our organic vegetables locally on the farm to ensure maximum nutrient retention. The organic vegetables are washed, chopped, dehydrated, milled and packed within 24 hours of picking. 

As we do not cook or liquefy any of our organic vegetables before they get dehydrated, we can maximize the quality attributes of our vegetable powder, such as structure, color, flavour, and nutrition. Our process results in a pure organic vegetable powder that can be the perfect supplement to your daily diet for improved health and a better balance in your life.