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Australian Broccoli Organic Vegetable Powder - Pure Plant Power - 120 grams

Regular price $19.95
100% Australian Broccoli Organic Powder 
Nutrient-Rich Green Powerhouse - Experience the nourishing benefits of organic broccoli in a concentrated form. Nourisharvest vegetable powders, including dried vegetables, enrich your diet.
Retains Essential Nutrients - Our slow-drying method keeps broccoli's vital elements intact. It retains minerals such as manganese, folate, Vitamin K for your health and wellness.
Diverse Culinary Uses - Enhance the taste and nutrition of your meals by using it in smoothies, sauces, spreads, and bakes. It can also be mixed with oil or used as salad sprinkles.
Harness Health Benefits - A rich source of dietary fibre, Calcium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, our Broccoli Vegetable Powder supports a healthy lifestyle and promotes overall well-being.
Clean and Organic - Enjoy the pure taste of 100% Australian broccoli without any artificial colours or flavours. Our green powder keeps the true essence of dried vegetables.

Best Before Date: 01 MARCH 2026